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  • Monday, May 19, 2014
  • Sean Soth

    Sean has been an AM&P member for several years and provides more than a decade of experience selling and marketing association business services, products, media, and events. Throughout his career, Sean and Hi-Fidelity Media have worked with dozens of organizations (large and small) to increase their revenues and media assets with custom sales solutions and marketing support. In early 2012, Sean joined Webvent, Inc. where he and his partners launched the Adaptive Media Network platform to create supplier-to-audience marketplaces for associations, events, publishers, and other business-to-business environments. The Adaptive Media Network technology allows associations to build new streams of non-dues revenue. For advertisers, the Adaptive Media Network helps to leverage their most important marketing assets to accelerate awareness: category specificity, community involvement, graphic visuals, video, content, social media, personnel profiles, and even live events.